At Reznor, we have been making some important business changes that determine our future. As many of you will know, we are proudly owned by Nortek Global HVAC and since 1919 they have been problem solvers to the core. So what changes are coming into play and how have we evolved to be more customer-focussed?

Reznor are becoming more customer-focussed

History of Reznor and Nortek Global HVAC

A little bit of background information: Reznor company was founded in 1888 by inventor and manufacturer George Reznor, following his invention of the reflector-style natural gas heater. He was a leader in the HVAC industry, and the brand that bears his name today is dedicated to building efficient heating, cooling and air quality equipment. Nortek Global HVAC then acquired Reznor in 2014 and has since been manufacturing in state-of-the-art facilities across North America and Europe, for distribution around the world.

Fast-forward to the recent years: Nortek Global HVAC was purchased by Madison Industries in June 2021. Madison Industries are a pro-active, forward-thinking company, so with the upcoming changes this is a very exciting time for us at Reznor.

Becoming more customer-focussed is our core value for change.

We’re adapting to reflect our new company mission and the future is looking bright! Our new approach is solely focussed on our customers’ needs, to serve all requirements more effectively and efficiently. For part of our new company focus, we carried out an analysis on existing product lines, customer needs and the future growth potential of the company. As a result, we’ve streamlined our offering, for the products that truly matter. This enables us to future-proof the business and differentiate our service offering to be more customer-focussed. 

What does it mean to choose Reznor? With our forward-thinking approach, we’re dedicated to fulfilling our customers’ needs in the best way possible. We not only design and engineer, but we are on hand to support you and truly listen with our dedicated key account managers. From here, you will be gaining the value and efficiency you need in heating and cooling solutions, creating better spaces in which you live and work in.

Get prepared for winter with Empress

With the winter season coming up, we know it’s more important than ever to have reliable access to HVAC products and parts. At Reznor, we listen to our customer’s needs and now provide an efficient, speedy way of purchasing with an e-commerce that works for all. Empress is like no other on the market, with the option to order core range heater units from site too, as well as spare parts. Find out how to find your parts here.

Get your heaters and parts with empress

With the ongoing issues surrounding energy costs and sustainability, we understand the importance of reducing bills whilst keeping warm, so you don’t have to decide between the two. We’ve worked closely with suppliers to provide a huge stock availability so you can be comfortable in the colder months coming, which are ready and waiting to be shipped! Take a look at our impressive Photon heater here and make the most of the fixed low prices and plentiful stock availability by visiting today.

We are looking forward to the future of Reznor and Nortek Global HVAC, if you have any queries please contact us and follow us on our social media to stay up to date with important announcements.

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