It’s a new year and we continue to navigate through the energy crisis, alongside rising inflation across most industries. When a new year comes around, so does a new or refreshed business plan. Many businesses will be looking at finding areas to cut costs, thus saving money to prepare for whatever is on the horizon. Maybe you’ve done a full business audit and you’re now looking at ways to save money on bills. Shall you switch providers, or change your heating units? There are many questions that come into play, however one thing for sure is that heating costs are topping the leaderboard for the most expensive outgoing.

Whether you are a small business or large, there are many ways you can save costs whilst still achieving comfortable temperatures during the winter. Reznor are here to provide you with the ultimate guide to buying unit heaters, and what to look out for.

Where do I start looking for new unit heaters?

If you’re a business owner, or employee overseeing the running of the company, you’ll most likely be wondering where to start when it comes to saving costs on your heating bills. Most people will look at changing providers as a first call, which is always a good starting point. However, trained experts in heating solutions such as ourselves will know that there are many more steps to take in achieving the end goal. Some vital steps we take at Reznor include:

So to answer the question above, the best place to start your search is to speak to the experts of course! There are many more benefits to changing up your unit heaters than to simply save costs. You can become more eco-friendly, achieve better efficiency and provide overall longevity. Suspended gas fired unit heaters are a technically advanced range of gas fired unit heaters designed to deliver outstanding energy efficiency, performance and economy for reduced operating and life cycle costs. Let’s take a look at the ultimate guide to buying unit heaters…

Number one: Photon

The Photon is one of our latest generation suspended gas fired unit heaters. So what are the main benefits? 

  • 4-pass heat exchanger technology for optimum efficiency and enhanced life expectancy
  • Reliable operation and simple servicing: which further reduces operating costs
  • Extended operational life of the heat exchanger ensures that the units provide the lowest long term cost benefits
  • Wide range of applications
  • High efficiency axial flow fan​ 
  • A non-condensing heater means less connections needed therefore increasing the ease of installation
  • Two year parts and one year labour warranty

And many more benefits! Check out the Photon product guide here.

Purchase the Photon or parts here.

Number two: RHeco

The RHeco is one of our condensing Low NOX high efficiency suspended gas fired unit heaters. Whilst a more pricey option than the Photon, this unique heater provides up to 35% energy saving on replacement heaters. Let’s look at the main benefits:

  • “Pull through” technology ensures no gas can escape into the heated space;
  • Powerful air throw means improved heat distribution
  • Highest efficiency levels and substantially reduced CO2 & NOx emissions (under 25ppm)
  • Exceeding the requirements of current Building Regulations L2, with thermal efficiencies up to 109% to provide exceptional levels of seasonal efficiency
  • Ideal for new low carbon buildings

With many more benefits! Check out the RHeco product guide here.
Purchase the RHeco or parts here.

Overall, using unit heaters that provide sustainability and longevity are amongst the huge benefits you can get with Reznor which result in the end goal of saving costs. We hope you found this guide to unit heaters useful, and if you are looking to work with Reznor, don’t hesitate to take a look at our product range and get in touch if you need further information.

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