Did you know that in many countries there are clear guidelines for the operation of humidification systems to protect the environments that we work in. We might mistake our employee’s sickness as a result of their own health issues.
The challenges around the pandemic continue to place increasing importance for indoor air quality. It is proven that it is easier to catch a cold or influenza if the air is too dry and viruses live longer in dry air.
We all care about the safety and well being of our employees and to support this we need to understand whether our existing workspace offers the ideal environment:
• If the relative humidity in our workspace is below 35% then we have a low humidity problem to solve. You can se a hygrometer to measure the humidity in your workspace. These are readily available and easy to install

• Relative humidity in the workplace should be between 40% and 60% for health, performance and wellbeing

During the winter months it gets colder and there are symptoms we can observe for our workforce. The colder it gets the more heat we drive into our workspaces drying the air: Are your employees suffering with dry skin, irritable eyes or have a dry cough? These are some of the vital signs to look out for.
Vapac, a division of Nortek, has been manufacturing humidifiers for almost fifty years, adding moisture into the air via existing air handling systems which in turn is distributed throughout the building increasing humidity to create better working environments.
We have a dedicated team of experts available to discuss any technical queries you may have including Humidity Solutions who are our Key Distributors in the UK for all Vapac products who also have extensive knowledge and experience and are ready to discuss your requirements.

visit www.vapac.com for more information

To discuss further or for more information and advice, contact Keeley.morris@nortek.com