Heating and ventilation have always been a need in industrial and commercial buildings. In some cases, it is a necessity and in others a nice thing to have. As buildings develop over time and working conditions improve, employees and products may need better comfort conditions. With the ever-growing demands for large warehouses and distribution centers, mainly to due the current pandemic and online shipping products themselves may need to be kept in a controlled environment.
Gone are the days in summer where opening the doors was good enough for getting the internal temperature down to an acceptable level. Our summers tend to be hot and humid for quite long periods during the year. The only real option to cool a large area down is by using a packaged unit to enable the building owner to control temperatures in the workplace to meet the desired temperature band.
The benefits of using a packaged unit rather than a gas fired heating system are:
• Cooling as well as a heating.
• The ability to temperature control, the space twelve months of the year.
• Better working environment for staff and customers
• Easy to install,
• Do not need gas on site.

Packaged units can be used in numerous applications including:
• Warehouses
• Distribution centers
• Pharmaceutical storage
• Manufacturing facilities
• Hotels
• Retail
• Leisure

Packages units, known as the RTU series, provide cooling and heating. The models are available in cooling only and reversible models and both have an energy recovery option. The range was previously referred to as a Roof Top Unit however it can be placed on the ground next to the building and can have a configuration of top, side, bottom and rear, which makes it more versatile for positioning.
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