The Comet range of cabinet heaters combine innovative design with proven heat exchanger technology to provide a high efficiency cost effective and durable range. The units may be specified for either free blowing applications or for use with ductwork.

Model Range

Gas fired cabinet heaters are suitable for use with Natural Gas (G20), most units can also be specified for Propane (G31).  Oil fired cabinet heaters are suitable for use with Class D gas oil (35 sec). Oil fired cabinets are supplied with a fire value and an oil filter as loose components.

Vertical freestanding models are available from 44kW to 293kW.

Two stage burners are controlled via standard along with a SmartCom Multizone control panel (supplied loose).

Air Distribution

EC Plug fan(s) circulate large air volumes evenly across the full heat exchanger surface for enhanced life expectancy. Free blowing heaters are supplied with (loose) long throw discharge nozzles complete with horizontal louvres and can be rotated through 360o. Models 85-300 are supplied with a raised rear nozzle. Ductwork can be fitted directly to the top of those heaters requiring ducted discharge.

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