COMET+ Floor Standing Cabinet Heater

Cabinet heaters made better. Experience the difference.

The COMET+ range incorporates the latest generation of heat exchanger technology to become an industry benchmark for design and performance. Available in a variety of sizes and kilowatts, the COMET+ offers an exceptional combination of style and dependability whilst being effective.

Model Range

The units may be specified for either free-blowing applications or use with ductwork.

Standard efficiency models are available with a modulating burner and a 2:1 turn-down.

The COMET+ can be used with Natural Gas (G20), Propane (G31) or Oil fired in both 35-sec grade and Kerosene oil.

A High efficient (condensing) Natural gas cabinet heater model is also available. These models benefit from a 4:1 run-down ratio.

All models have EC plug fans as standard.



  • Front flue connection (Rear connection as standard).
  • External weather-proof casing models available.
  • Right-hand side (RHS) grill (Left-hand side (LHS) grill as standard
  • Flat pack option available on request.


The COMET+ Product Brochure

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