Quartz Glow

The versatile Quartz Glow range of plaque heaters are suitable for a wide number of applications, and can be grouped together either horizontally or vertically to best suit the space.

The range features three variants:

Sorrento is a robust, weatherproof heater, that can be grouped together either vertically, or horizontally to best suit the space.

Apollo indoor heaters are manufactured using extruded aluminium, and offer a choice of power options ranging between 1.5kW – 9k. They are fully adjustable for accurate heat placement.

Titan offers efficient and reliable emergency heating, or heating for specific areas. Available in both mobile and static models, the Titan is fitted with an anti-tilt device to prevent misuse, or accidents.

Key Features:

  • Quickly heats the area;
  • Even distribution of heat;
  • Reduces the cost of heating large spaces by focusing heat only on relevant areas.
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