50% off list price on RHeco units!

The RHeco delivers huge financial benefits and can repay the extra initial cost in fuel savings.

When replacing traditional units more than 10 years old, savings up to 35% can be achieved.

Annual cost savings of £4,473!
As much CO2 as an average car!
Your perfect solution
Rethink HVAC with RHeco

  • CO2 reductions; one of the most efficient gas fired options on the market
  • Reduced energy bills
  • Ideal for new low carbon buildings
  • Costs less to run than traditional products
  • The units exceed the requirements of current Building Regulations L2, with thermal efficiencies up to 109% to provide exceptional levels of seasonal efficiency.
  • Versatile flue options (top or rear connections) for ease of installation

SKU List Price Sale Price
ULSA025-2 £4682 £2341
ULSA035-2 £4956 £2478
ULSA050-2 £5142 £2571
ULSA075-2 £6567 £3283.50
ULSA100-2 £7260 £3630